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Is Exhibiting just for a brief?appearance?

What makes exhibiting less effective year over year?

Should we exhibit next time?

To meet news Clients?

To display company image?

To collect industry imformation?

To promote products?

Booth without pratical effect is simply background of others.
Are you fed up with being “background” so many times?
BIJIA Exhibition ------ to create effective marketing booth.

How?to?choose?a better?exhibition?corporation?

----To choose the one which is prominent in marketing, design & construction and also with?professional industry knowledge as well as superior service.

why to Choose BIJIA

4 of 10 Exhibitors Choose Bijia

------ Because we do Better in Exhibition Marketing.

  • Exhibition Experts with Marketing Power

    "Positioning, Promotion, Design and Operation"The use of four operational systemBuild up atmosphere & create salesCreat booth that highlight the features and presentation of products;

  • A number of Authoritative Qualification & Honor

    Grade I Qualification of Chinese Exhibition ProjectOfficial Contractor of Many Famous Fairs of ChinaTop Ten Special Stand Designer and Builder in GuangdongCouncil Members of Several Exhibition Idustry Chamber Of Commerce

  • Regular Clients: more than 6800

    Serves clients from every industy;More than 6800 rugular clients;4 of 10 exhibitors choose Bijia;

  • 13 Branches & 0ffices

    Headquartered in guangzhou, and having subcompany in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Chengdu, Nanchang, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, and Singapore;

  • Fabrication plant of 100000㎡

    More than 200 professional technical workers;Wood production factory & Bakingfinishhouse of 10000㎡;Factory of 1200㎡ for applying environmental-friendly materials ;

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The first supplier to creat effective marketing booth.

Add.: F3 Block A ShunHui Building, No.6 DongHeng Three Road,
Zhu Village, Tianhe District Guangzhou
Tel: 086-02066623688 Fax: 086-02028067706 E-mail: [email protected]?
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